Company BETTY ALFA LLC offers wide variety of the famous Bohemian Crystal and Chinaware which have more than 200 years tradition.  We are sole representatives of several Czech producers whose products are already exported to all parts of the world and can offer Crystal and Chinaware of the highest quality and unique designs.

History made Bohemian Crystal as a fixed star, successful, admired and timeless. Vases, carafes, dishes and various table and interior accessories from Novy Bor, Czech Republic with cut and hand painted decorations are sold to more then 145 countries.  Our Crystal producers use as a base soda-potassium Crystal which is decorated by traditional hand techniques. The shape assortment is quite wide – cups, decanters, jugs, vases, candlesticks, bells, baskets, cosmetic bottles and cordial, tea, beer, water, mocca and bowl sets.  They have a rich range of colour Crystal masses at disposal – clear, amber, blue, green, gold rose, when necessary also aquamarine, gray smoke, brown smoke, roseline, opal etc. Products are manufactured in a wide decorative series according to drawings  (i.e. anytime repeatable). Production programs include a wide range of manufacturing groups according to their way of decoration. The most famous is Engraved Staining using the unique decorating staining technique, typical for the north of Bohemia.  We offer Red staining, invented in 1832 – the dark ruby red colouring on the Crystal surface decorated by baroque patterns using cutting and engraving, Green and Black staining with green or black colouring formed on the Crystal surface decorated by the technique called engraving and Yellow staining with honey-brown colouring of the staining formed on the surface of the amber Crystal decorated mainly by cutting and engraving in combination with bright gold.

We have to name also other techniques: High Enamel (painting technique characterized by flowers painted by enamel colours onto ground gold and completed by in relief painted and gilt arabesques), Paneled Crystal (after the first blowing is crystal semi-product overlaid with another layer of the colour Crystal mass and then  is the major part of this colour layer cut off and the crystal surfaces are polished and decorated by hand using the real gold and Frosted Crystal – a special painting technique using application of ices (fine crushed meltable Crystal), their following firing in a decorating kiln and a final decoration by gold, platinum or by a combination with other painting techniques.

The history of our Porcelain producers can be traced back to the early 19th century. The current offer of the Chinaware consists of pink, handmade and decorated table ware, gilded with 24 carat gold. Contrary to some manufacturers using rose glazing, the Czech factory adds color to porcelain mass, which is then covered by transparent glaze. Production range nowadays starts from Exclusive Chinaware decorated by special technology, designed for the most demanding customers, represented especially by mentioned unique pink, gold gilded porcelain but contains also porcelain tableware for household use, hotel and restaurant porcelain, and to a limited extent, also the production of decorative porcelain and porcelain ware of some special shapes and designs, eg. Golf Coffee Sets. Complete, dinner, coffee and tea sets, cups and accessories are made to meet customer´s requirement and current design trends.

All our suppliers for both Crystal and Chinaware have their own registered trademarks which serve as symbols of handwork, top quality, aesthetics and high health safety standards and have certification for export to North American markets.

Our offer is primarily intended for Crystal and china importers, distributors/wholesalers or retail chains, lowest value of each order/shipment must exceed USD 5,000,-.

The complete assortment consists of several hundred products so we do not present here all of them but we are ready to provide you with detailed information and complete picture sets and prepare tailor made export price list on your demand. Prices are to be understood FCA Czech Republic (Incoterms 2010®).

Due the wide range of assortment and big share of handmade work are delivery dates usually not longer than   3 months from the date of order.

You can also address your comments, questions or enquiries to our email address or use our contact form and we will reply by return.

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